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What is Grow Church Global?

Grow Church Global exists to connect people with God and others for growth and freedom! You can follow Jesus with GCG from wherever you are or connect with the "coming soon" Kansas City location. We believe you are supposed to have a place at the table as God’s family. Our mission is to help you grow closer to God, unite with friends, and help others. We meet primarily online to connect more often, maximize resources, and create a welcoming place for everyone.

Grow Church Global is a Jesus-centered, Bible-based church that focuses on friendships, spiritual growth, and encouraging relationships. Although our church is scattered in small pockets all over the world, we follow Jesus together in many meaningful ways. We come from many different places and connect at the common ground at the cross.

Our Beliefs


The God who spoke creation into existence communicates with people through his Word. He wove his message in history as godly people responded to his leadership and recorded the Bible within a historical framework. The Bible is what God speaks (breathed). He communicated his Word in a way that is without error or misleading. The 66 books of the Bible are God’s reliable Word, and even the smallest part is extremely important. The Bible is the key for knowing God, the foundation of faith, and the lifeline for living a godly life.


The church is a rescued people who follow Jesus together on a biblical foundation under the loving leadership of the Holy Spirit. The church celebrates and serves as the Body and Bride of Christ by fulfilling Christ’s commands in godly ways. God works through his unified people as the primary means for making himself known and growing his people for his glory. The church is not a building; rather, it is the people who share Jesus’ journey in practical, spiritual ways.


We believe there is one God who reveals himself as three persons commonly known as the Trinity. God is Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. God’s three in oneness does not fit well with the way people understand the world, but God communicates this reality of his nature in the Bible. God alone is eternal, creator, and ruler of all things. He is not like us, but he is for us and provided a way to rescue us.


People are God’s highest creation. Every person is made uniquely in God’s image and given eternal value. All people, except Jesus, do things wrong because of their nature and choices. Although people are sinful and broken, God did not withhold his love. He provided what no one else could by entering human history, proving his reliability, giving his life as a ransom for many by dying on the cross and rising from the grave.


Jesus and his death on the cross and resurrection make it possible for a person to be set free from sin and enter into a personal relationship with God. Contrary to popular opinion and almost every religion on the planet, the Bible teaches it’s impossible to earn God’s favor and win the right to eternal life. Jesus said that all who receive him as Savior and Lord and trust in substitutionary are set free from sin and given a new life. Jesus alone paid the price to rescue all who turn to him by faith

Meet Our Pastors

Lou and Michele have followed Jesus together and served with churches from before they were married. Lou loves to dive deep into the Bible, and Michele is a relationship builder and prayer warrior. They enjoy doing life together, outdoor activities, and thrive at the beach and the mountains. Their grandchildren are in Australia, so getting to hold them is a high priority. They are passionate Jesus followers who love the church and have a free spirit. Lou and Michele are living God’s great adventure and want to help others as the Body of Christ. If you want to grow closer to Jesus in a liberating way, they are making a place at the table for you to know Jesus better, connect with other encouraging people, and get growing. It’s a new day; let’s go!

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