The Un-Named Pilgrim in Oklahoma (January 2021)

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The Author

I surrendered my life over to the care and guidance of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on February 11, 2012 at 1030AM, I was 54 years old.

I do not believe in coincidences. This blog chronicles some of my God incidences over the past eleven years. Names have been changed to protect the identities of people I have encountered, except disciples of Jesus Christ who are known publically or permission has been given.

“The happy person is not edified by oneness and passing appearances but by truth itself, as it is in reality. Our own conjectures and observations often mislead us, and we learn very little. Of what value is specious reasoning on deep and obscure matters, when we are not going to be judged by our knowledge of such things? It is supreme folly to neglect things that are useful and vital, and deliberately turn to those that are curious and harmful. Actually ‘we have eyes to see but do not see.’ What do origins and appearances really matter to us?” (Thomas a Kempis)

The Un-named Pilgrim in Oklahoma (January 2021)

After attending Todd White’s book signing, I traveled from Texas to Oklahoma to visit my son and his family. I arrived at a truck stop a few miles across the border in Oklahoma for the evening, grabbed something to eat and settled down to begin reading Todd’s book. Fell asleep and woke the next day. Holy Spirit told me to wait here, so I continued reading, resting, and observing people come and go. It started raining heavily a complete storm with wind, thunder, lightning, and heavy down pours. So I repeated the previous day’s activities. When dawn came the second day, rain was softly falling. Grabbed a cup of coffee and something for breakfast and sat back in my car and began to re-read Todd’s book. After finishing chapter one, I began calling out to God, “Lord why am I here, it has been two days and You haven’t spoken to me.” At that moment I saw a dark shadow pass by out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see who or what it was. It was a man in a dark jacket carrying a back pack, the right shoulder of his jacket was torn. He appeared wet from the rain and stopped at a trash can in front of the Burger King (BK). I then heard, “He is the one, go and speak to him.” As I walked towards the man a thought occurred to me, he could probably use a sleeping bag and I had two. When I reached him, I said, “Pardon me sir could you use a sleeping bag?” He did not respond as his back was to me. I repeated the question, no response. So I tapped him on the shoulder and repeated my question. He turned and put his hands to both ears indicating he was deaf. I asked, “Do you read lips?” and he nodded yes. I asked my question, the look of happiness on his face was beautiful, he clapped his hands smiling and nodded yes. I said, “I will be right back.” As I walked back to the car, the Holy Spirit said, “Give him a book (I was prompted to buy three copies of Todd’s book) and give him the sleeping bag and some money too.” I retrieved the sleeping bag and book, went to the ATM and took out some cash and started looking for the man. I found him at a table in BK he was taking wet belongings out of the back pack and setting them on the table to dry. I tapped him on the shoulder, he turned and smiled. I opened the book to the introduction and handed it to him. As he read the words, tears streamed down his face. I pointed to the book and then to him letting him know it was his. He clutched it to his chest and mouthed thank you. I then handed him the sleeping bag and cash. He was still weeping and mouthed thank you and God bless you. I turned and left heading back to the car, he is the “Un-Named Pilgrim in Oklahoma.”